Gloster’s roots can be traced all the way back to West Africa in 1960, where a band of passionate entrepreneurs and furniture makers took the first steps on a long journey. By the early 1970’s, increased demand and access to plantation grown teak led us to move our factory to Indonesia. Today, the same passion, conviction and pride that launched the Gloster brand, continues to fuel their business.

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Skyline Design furniture

Skyline offers you the complete outdoor living experience, with multiple seating and dining groups, as well as, accessory pieces like, an outdoor low screen, accent end table and my 7′ tall Grand Pedestal. The woven detail of the Greek key in several pieces is my special signature with Skyline Design. Even the cushions have not escaped my penchant for detailing.. the contrast banding on back and lounger cushions, bolsters, multiple throw pillows on the Brentwood platform lounger, every piece is designed for beauty and comfort.

Skyline Catalog

Kannoa Outdoor Furniture

Kannoa was founded in 2006 by two childhood friends, Luis Blasini and Philip Boulton. They set out to build an outdoor furniture company based on four pillars: Design, functionality, durability and Harmony. From the beginning, they had an innate sense that these concepts had to guide not only the furniture they manufactured.

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Indosoul Outdoor Furniture

Indosoul —An innovative, multi award-winning boutique source for high quality, cutting edge, indoor/ outdoor, multi-functional furnishings and decorative accessory collections. they are passionate about redefining living spaces, building long-term relationships with designers and suppliers the world over, and being a truly one-of-a-kind resource for fresh, bold, nature-inspired works of art. 

Indosoul Outdoor furniture