Free-standing pergola


Customizable from roof to floor 

Revamp your patio without permit

Multi-purpose modular unit installed in a few hours.

With its elegant design, in single or several modules, K-BANA, the free-standing pergola by Azenco lets you create a flexible outdoor space you can use and enjoy as you like.

K-Bana, the free-standing pergola, is a versatile product that offers up to 9 different sizes with multiple setups by combining modules and panels to accommodate any outdoor space and lifestyle.

K-Bana’s panels with dual-walled louvers provide natural ventilation thanks to a manual system to open or close the louvers. It allows perfect sunlight control in summer and protects from wind, rain, and snow in winter.

Additionally, K-Bana is equipped with extendable post bases that allow perfect structure adjustement on unleveled ground to stabilize the pergola.

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