Sedona Custom Outdoor Kitchen

This contemporary Sedona By Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Project was completed late 2015 as part of an outdoor living area of model home for a prominent developer in South Florida. This outdoor kitchen maintains a minimalistic approach with a straight one level layout, clean lines, and plenty of space. The dimensions of this outdoor kitchen (13ft wide – 36 inches tall – 30 inches deep) fit perfectly along an IPE wood backdrop which provides a beautiful contrast. The materials used to finish the outdoor kitchen included a white Lapitec countertop and a light gray thin stone wall finish material.

Sedona Outdoor Kitchen
Sedona BBQ island
Sedona Built in Grills
Sedona By Lynx appliances
Sedona BBQ grills
Sedona By Lynx

The appliances featured in this outdoor kitchen are all part of the Sedona By Lynx line. A little bit about Sedona:  “The true value of a grill is in the cooking performance, ease of use, and enduring beauty it brings to your outdoor kitchen. By every measure, Sedona by Lynx clearly stands apart. Sedona grills and related accessories are designed in every detail to exceed your expectations and enhance your outdoor entertainment pleasure. Crafted by the Lynx specialist at the Lynx factory in Southern California, each Sedona grill displays the meticulous fit, finish, and high-quality materials that have made Lynx products the favorites among grilling enthusiast.”

Products Featured:

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