This Twin Eagles 2 module Outdoor Kitchen is one of our favorite projects for 2016.  The 2 module design is ideal for big open spaces wich allow for an open layout and tons of space to fit all the appliances you inner chef requires.  The simple one level concept with no backsplash allows for a modern open look and finish. The front and back modules re 12 feet wide, 42 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Both modules feature a Lapitec countertop with cascading walls and ceramic stone wall finish.

The appliances featured in this outdoor kitchen are all Part of the Twin Eagles Line; A little about Twin Eagles: “Creative design, handcrafted construction and professional performance have long been the characteristics that have made twin eagles a leader in the premium grill and outdoor kitchen industry. These traits are the foundation for the Twin Eagles line of products. Although Twin Eagles style is truly unique and each product is constructed to exacting standards, the performance of the grilling system is what separates Twin Eagles from other premium grill brands.”

Products Featured:


with the purchase of this or any of our other outdoor kitchen packages you will receive via email a blue print of the outdoor kitchen, with specific cutout and structure measurements. if you would like to customize this package for purchase please send us an email at and a sales representative will assist you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: this product package only includes the outdoor kitchen appliances featured in the product description. structure, materials, granite, paint and finishes are not included in this package.