Your Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

Sedona Outdoor Kitchen



Many people wonder which specific appliances are needed in order to have a basic outdoor kitchen package that will have all of the necessary appliances to get started.

The components and appliances needed will vary from person to person; however, one of the main things to take into consideration -if not the most important- is the space you have available to build your outdoor kitchen.

Once you have that figured out, some of the ad-ons may include more storage, more refrigeration capabilities, a sink, and even a pizza oven. Most likely, an outdoor kitchen will try to be as functional as an indoor kitchen.

In our outdoor kitchen must-haves list we include:

A built in grill:

The king of the kitchen island. That one’s self-explanatory!

An Access door:

A must have in order to have access to gas plumbing connections.

Double Side burner:

A power burner to heat anything you might want boil or sauté.

Trash Bin:

A handy and sanitary way to keep your trash can handy, and inside the structure to keep the flies away.

Double storage drawer

Storage is a must have and perhaps the most convenient is the double storage drawer.


Super convenient to have by your grill and avoid running back in the house to get drinks or sauces.

We’re here to help you design the outdoor kitchen that best fits your needs.

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