How to Find Your Perfect Grill

Grilling provides an ultimate outdoor cooking experience while entertaining at the same time. If you love cooking outside in your backyard, then finding that perfect grill is essential. There are different types of grills to choose from, depending on what kind of outdoor cooking space you desire.

Built in Grill

If you love grilling and cooking outside, a built-in grill is a perfect addition to an outside kitchen. Built-in grills come in various designs and build, but they all possess the ultimate cooking power needed for grilling thick cuts of meat and roasting vegetables. Unique features of what a built-in grill could include are lighting, a rotisserie, gas, ceramic briquettes for even heat distribution, stainless steel grill grates, hot surface ignition, temperature gauge, smoker box to add flavor, and a cover. These features make it convenient and easy for you to fire up the grill and cook up a meal for outdoor dining.

Freestanding Grill

If you have a patio but not an outdoor kitchen, a freestanding grill provides you with the option to still do your all your grilling needs. Like the built-in grill, the freestanding grill comes in various designs and constructed with similar features as the built-in. The freestanding grill is moveable, and you can situate it wherever you like. With this type of grill, it’s the perfect way to cook hamburgers and hot dogs at high volume because it comes in larger sizes with more surface area to grill without confined space.

Gas Grill

A gas grill is the most convenient way of grilling because it requires no preparation work or cleanup. It’s easier to power up and gets you cooking in no time. Because it runs on bottled propane or natural gas, you don’t have the hassle of dealing with charcoal. Gas grilling is a convenient option found in both freestanding and built-in grills. With this type of grill, cooking thick cuts of meat is easy.  

Charcoal Grill

Cooking with a charcoal grill is for the purist at heart who prefers the natural wood. Although messy and time-consuming, the charcoal grill provides the best smoky flavor, unlike others. And because this grill cooks at higher temperatures, it is also excellent for searing meats. The charcoal grill is ideal for quick-cooking smaller items like vegetables and kebabs, and for smoking and grilling steaks and fish.

Komodo Smokers

The Komodo is the most versatile outdoor cooker for barbecue, smoking, roasting, and grilling. Shaped like a giant egg, the Komodo comes in different sizes and is well-insulated and made of ceramic. It provides even high-heat distribution and can heat flatbreads, grill kebabs, roast and smoke meats.

Keep in mind that the different types of grills all apply high heat to give you the ultimate grilling you desire, whether it is meats, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, or kebabs. What you decide is the perfect grill for you all depend on which features of the grill resonates with you the most and how you want to fit into your outdoor space.

For questions about your perfect grill, contact us. We provide custom outdoor kitchen design and build and can help you select your perfect grill.