Best Time Of The Year to Remodel Your Patio in Florida

Weather is a significant factor when considering outdoor remodeling, such as the patio. Fortunately, here in South Florida, we can work outside for much of the year. If you’re looking to revamp an outdoor area, contact us any time. Some seasons are more appropriate for some projects.

Weather-wise Work

Many variables apply as to when the weather will be best for an outdoor remodel. Here in South Florida, we don’t have to bother with snow and frozen ground, but our temperatures are sometimes sweltering in summer. We might not schedule a remodel when a storm is spinning in the Atlantic Ocean. However, we can accurately estimate our time frame for installation, so don’t count us out because a storm is brewing or the afternoon temperatures skyrocket. Keep in mind, the safety of our crew is of utmost importance which sometimes rules out outdoor work in the summer.

Traditional Seasons for Home Improvement

Because of the hot weather, indoor remodeling is most often a summer chore. If you’re escaping the heat and going on a vacation, you might find this is the perfect time for your indoor project. Our professionals can get everything done while you’re gone, letting you avoid the hassle of construction. As we are licensed and bonded, you can safely leave us in charge of your home.

Type of Work

Spring is the most popular time for remodels and additions in many areas, but the seasons in South Florida make things different here. Sometimes, the winter season is our friend. Autumn is also a good time for a remodel, especially if you’re installing live landscape plants. But just as you can plant trees at almost any time of year here in Florida, so you can also count on us at any time. Often, winter is the best season for outdoor jobs, such as the patio remodel and landscaping installations. Dry ground and lower humidity offer the best conditions for pouring concrete and installing foundations.

Roofing is usually an any season job here, as long as it is not raining. Temperatures affect materials used to install various roofing tiles, but surprisingly those temps are more flexible than one might think. Speaking of rain, this is the primary enemy of construction installation, both inside and out. Nobody wants wet feet and materials tracked into the home.

When doing work in or around your home, we consider the weather, so you don’t have to. Let us handle the details. When you’re ready for an estimate and to hear what we can do, give us a call.

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