Cool Shade for a Hot Patio

Patios are marvelous places to spend time outdoors, but sometimes in summer you don’t spend much time with your patio because the sun is too hot and uncomfortable. You do not need to abandon your patio when it’s hot! There are some easy ways to add shade – and comfort – to your patio.

Add A Pergola

A pergola is an attractive and stylish addition to your patio; it also supplies cool shade. Pergolas are made of sturdy posts supporting a latticed roof. They were originally intended as supports for plants. Though it is not necessary to have plants, wisteria, trumpet vine, or climbing roses can enhance the beauty of your pergola.

Gazebo or Pavilion 

A gazebo or pavilion has a permanent roof supported by posts. They provide shade and shelter from the rain, and can be screened in to keep away insects. Gazebos tend to be smaller and round or octagonal; pavilions are larger and rectangular

Retractable Roof or Awning 

If you don’t want a permanent structure between you and the sky, consider a retractable roof or an awning. It expands to provide shade or protect from rain, and folds back again to give you access to the sun and sky. There are several types available.

Patio Umbrellas, Fabric Canopies, Shade Sails

For quick and easily movable shade, adding patio umbrellas, easily erected fabric canopies, or shade sails might be your solution. These are less hardy than some of the other options, but they are light and easily moved to where you want them.

Plant Trees or Shrubs

You can plant trees or shrubs that will grow up to add shade. These are attractive, natural, and can add tranquility. However, they take a long time to get to the appropriate size and require tending. There are many attractive ways to add shade to your patio so that it is more comfortable for you and you are able to make more use of your outdoor living space. Luxpatio can help you decide what is right for you.

Arcadia Louvered Roof

An Arcadia Louvered Roof is made of louvers, slats that move rather like a window blind. When you want more shade, adjust the louvers to make more shade; more sun, adjust the louvers to be more upright. They are well built and weather resistant, and will give you control over the amount of sun and shade you have.