Give It Personality – 10 Ways Of Taking Advantage Of Your Patio

If your backyard provides ample room for a patio, it’s time to brainstorm how to bring the most out of this simple, yet versatile outdoor accessory. The following 10 tips provide ideas on casting a much deserved spotlight on outdoor space, taking advantage of your patio:

  1. Consider establishing special “zones.” – Designate a patio corner just for grilling, while one side devotes itself to intricate floral displays. Give your guests the sense that they’re lounging in a living room, with more space to breathe.
  2. Implement convenient add-ons. – You could even go so far as use your patio as a path to a separate guesthouse, but even the simplest addition of a staircase for pets and guests provides greater inclusion.
  3. Change your color schemes. – While you may not choose to change the tile or other material that constitutes your patio, you should consider diversity in outdoor decor. As the seasons change, adjust accordingly with your furniture and plants. In the summer months, use warm colors like salmon and orange. In winter, resort to cooler shades, including periwinkle and a sky blue.
  4. Take time to change the patio surfacing. – If you have the time and resources for this aesthetically rewarding investment, consider creative surfaces like AstroTurf. This creates an interesting camouflaging effect and works well with themed outdoor parties.

  5. See your patio as a place for private reflection. – A patio, flat in its structure, needs not adhere to conventional openness. Should you seek greater privacy, install walls to enclose your space, allowing your family to relax in a spacious environment separate from the home itself.
  6. Appreciate your view. – Patios don’t simply enhance group experiences, providing guests with an area to stand on as they enjoy a good barbecue. See your patio as a vantage point to enjoy your immediate surroundings, whether this includes forestry or a detailed cityscape. Consider adding trellises to enhance your viewing experience.
  7. Value your small space. – Patios are relatively small compared to other outdoor fixtures and require less maintenance. Cleaning patio surfaces require less time, and homeowners should tend to patio upkeep regularly.
  8. Seek leverage if you have a sloping yard. – A common complaint among homeowners is a sloping yard. Patios offset this problem with terraces, which flatten your outdoor landscape.

  9. Give your patio special capabilities. – In blistering heat, rain, and snow, patio surfacing subjects itself to damage, and outdoor guests may leave a party with a sour face and general discomfort. Patios work well with retractable awnings, which provide ample protection from harsh elements while protecting everyone’s view of the beauty surrounding them.
  10. Showcase your personality. – See your patio as a mini-museum, filled with items curated over the years that showcase who you are. Extend decorative features beyond plants, while keeping mindful of maintaining an open space. A bold focal point, like a vase or statue, adds flair to your patio, and backyard as a whole.

Indeed, the patio stands ripe with opportunity for creativity. Contact Luxapatio and we’ll help you make the best choice in giving your backyard and patio the makeover they deserve!