Bring Real Comfort to Your Patio

The total indoor-outdoor lifestyle makes for perfect living. Inside your home is well taken care of. It’s just as you want it as far as comfort, space and functionality is concerned. As we look forward to spring, and then to summer, you want to achieve the same for your patio living. With a little planning, that is exactly what you get – the perfect outdoor lifestyle. We’d like to share with you the 5 furniture essentials that bring real comfort to your patio.

If You Can Dream it, You Can Have it

Before you think about the details, it pays to imagine yourself, your family and friend spending time on your patio. How many people are likely to be there most of the time, and what will they be doing? Thinking about this as your starting point will help you to plan the overall layout and design features. Do you see an intimate group sitting, chatting and snacking or will there be more activity going on? Will your patio be your outside dining room, so will you want a built-in kitchen or a large, movable grill? These are just two examples to help you to imagine how to design your outside space. Now let’s look at the details.


Comfort counts with patio furniture. You and your friends will spend a lot of time out there, so make sure you choose for comfort as well as for looks. You want your family and friends to want to be there. You see furniture for a few seconds, but you sit in it for hours. When you choose seating, test it. Make sure the seats are the right length and height, and that the backs are adjustable, or that the cushions will suit all the different positions and differently-shaped people who will be there.
You can add to attractiveness in lots of ways; one way is to choose different color themes and to buy all-weather rugs to go in each area. This will make different parts of your patio look cleverly designed for each activity – sitting and chatting, formal dining, cooking or watching sports on the television.

Easy Maintenance

Your furniture, the tables, the rugs and so on will be rained on, wind-blown and, possibly, played on. Get easy-maintenance furniture. You want to enjoy your time outside, not give over too much time to cleaning or removing mildew stains.
Cooking, Eating and Drinking
Plan your patio areas so that cooking is in an area that minimizes smoke and cooking smells from blowing inside your home. Charcoal and gas grills invite experimentation with menus and tastes. You may even be the sort of person who only cooks fish outside because of the smell. So just make sure the smell won’t blow back into your home.
You may install a bar. What could be more fun than wandering over to your bar area, and being “mein host” to your guests. Will you only serve bottled or canned beverages, or do you want to mix cocktails and encourage your visitors to help themselves? The right sized bar with the right design features will make it all easier and more fun.
When you are sitting with your and drink, you want to be sheltered and out of any breeze. It makes dining all that much more pleasurable. So as well as choosing the right furniture, locate it where everyone can relax as they dine.



The right lighting will enhance your outdoor lifestyle in ways you will love. The right angles, brightness and positioning will create the right atmosphere. Putting in movable lights will give you options. Installing unique lighting positions will wow your guests. Low level colored bulbs that highlight a favorite flower garden or a hidden light that adds to the ambience of the corner where you are sitting, will change your patio into something magical.



Finally, let’s get back to simple practicalities. You want to be able to keep your outside things outside; they may be children’ toys, pool equipment or cooking utensils. Having somewhere to keep them makes life easier. Putting them in a well-designed unit will add to your patio’s look, instead of it merely just looking like a functional afterthought.
When you are ready to plan your perfect patio, please feel free to discuss your ideas with us, so we can help you make your outdoor lifestyle as perfect as you imagine. Just click this link to contact us.