We haven’t had a hurricane in quite some time, so we’ve put together some guidelines to help you protect your patio and outdoor space from the incoming storm.

We hope this helps, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Secure pergolas:

Our structures are built up to Florida code, meaning they are built to withstand up to 150mph.


Secure Outdoor Furniture:

Loose items in your yard can become flying projectiles during a hurricane due to high winds. Move any unsecured items in your yard – including patio furniture, lawn chairs, bird feeders, hanging plants, and toys – inside your house or garage if possible. If you can’t move outdoor item in, use a strong rope or garden hose to tie them securely down.


Secure Outdoor Kitchens:

If you have an outdoor kitchen that has a propane tank, it’s important to remove and store said propane tank inside of your house. You may also want to consider covering the counter and appliances to avoid minor dents and scratches. If your outdoor kitchen has electrical components be sure to unplug all electrical outlets prior to the storm.


Document Home, Patio and Valuables:

If you don’t have a home inventory backed up with video or photographs, take photos or video now for insurance purposes, in case your home suffers extensive damage during the storm. The camera on a cell phone can also be used to photograph your home. Send or email the photos to someone outside the area of the storm for backup, and put them on a portable USB flash drive to keep with you. A visual record of your possessions and the condition of your home prior to the hurricane will be invaluable when dealing with insurance claims.


Click here For a full guideline on how to prepare for a Hurricane


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