How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Creating the perfect outdoor dream space is easier than you think! Outdoor kitchens are gaining in popularity because you can entertain, cook some amazing meals, and add value to your home. In order to design the kitchen of your dreams, there are a few steps along the way.


Establish Your Budget

First you need to decide on a budget for your space. Pre-fabricated kitchens are the least expensive option, they start around $3500, but this option comes with limited options since you are buying as is. Custom outdoor kitchens range from $5000 and move upwards towards $50,000, depending upon exactly what it is that you are looking for in terms of style and size. Good thing about this? You can have it your way!

Choose Placement & Layout

Decide where your outdoor kitchen is going to be located. Considering the space you have, pick what shape is best; straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc. Other things to consider are: do you want to have it in the shade or near a pool? What’s the overall layout in regards to seating areas, bars and appliances?

Choose Appliances

Choose the best brand for your appliances. What type of grill meets your needs: gas, charcoal or a smoker?  Decide what amenities best suit your needs; pizza oven, prep space, sink, bar, griddle, side burner, refrigerator, ice maker, access doors, trash, coolers and the list goes on. Your kitchen island should be fully functional and include the appliances and amenities that best fit your lifestyle.

Decide on Finishes

Decide on what finishes gives the aesthetic you want. Choose between granite, lapitec or tile countertops, depending on your needs. Countertop finishes should be considered to fit into the overall style of your home.

Find a Trusted Contractor

Find a contractor who is reputable and trusted. Always ask for portfolios of their work and references to make sure they are well established business. Also, make sure they are licensed and insured.

Make it Your Own

Decorating is the best way to show your personality and style. Colors, textiles, accessories will enhance your entertainment space. You can create an inviting dining area with some beautiful tables and chairs, cozy seating areas with some benches, a swing or even a fire pit, an elegant area by choosing an outdoor chandelier above your table, or maybe something romantic like a fireplace by your table for keeping you warm on the cooler nights.

Everyone deserves a beautiful outdoor kitchen to enjoy those family nights and we at Luxapatio want to help you create that perfect space.


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