Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Outdoor kithcen

This Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Project was concluded in mid 2013 for a South Florida home owner. This outdoor kitchen maintains a simple straight design against a wall that incorporates a gold rush 6″ x 24″ stone wall finish backdrop which extends to the walls of the outdoor kitchen. On the counter of this outdoor kitchen, the client decided to use an ubabatuba granite. The dimensions of this outdoor kitchen (10ft wide x 36 inches tall x 30 inches deep) are perfect to maximize space against a wall. At 10ft wide, you will have enough space to include the essential elements of a great outdoor kitchen and still maintain proper counter space for preparation, cooking, and serving.

Lynx Outdoor kitchen
Lynx Outdoor Kitchen
Lynx Outdoor Kithcen
Lynx Outdoor kithcen

The appliances featured in this outdoor kitchen project are part of the Lynx outdoor kitchen appliances line. “A little bit about Lynx: “Lynx outdoor kitchen products embrace fine craftsmanship, and the company is proud of it’s highly trained employees who have developed their skills over many years of employment with Lynx Grills”.

Products Featured in this Outdoor Kitchen:

Lynx 42 inch built in Grill
Lynx 42 inch double access doors
Lynx Outdoor Refrigerator
Lynx Cocktail Pro
Lynx 30 Inch Double Access Doors

For more information regarding this or any of our other projects throughout South Florida or if you would like to purchase this outdoor kitchen appliance package with a blue print of this outdoor kitchen, please send us an email at store@luxapatio.com