Delta Heat Outdoor Kitchen

Delta Heat Outdoor Kitchen

This Outdoor Kitchen Project was concluded in Dec 2015 for a home owner in South Florida. This outdoor kitchen keeps a simple L shape design maintaining a one level bar area that extends 8ft and leaves an open, under counter design perfect for bar stool storage. The dimensions of this outdoor kitchen (Grill side: 10ft wide x 36 inches tall x 30 inches deep – Bar Side: 14ft Wide x 36 inches tall x 30 inches deep) are to maximize space in a corner area. Additionally, the one level bar design works to maintain a clutter free space.

Delta Heat appliances
Delta Heat BBQ
Delta Heat BBQ Grill
Delta Heat Grill
Delta Heat BBQ

The appliances featured in this outdoor kitchen project are part of the Delta Heat by Twin Eagles Line. A little bit about Delta Heat: “Delta Heat Products are engineered, designed, and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts. Creative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control. Twin eagles develops all of their products at their state of the art company owned facility in California.

Products Featured In This Project: 

For more information regarding this or any of our other projects throughout South Florida or if you would like to purchase this outdoor kitchen appliance package with a blue print of this outdoor kitchen, please send us an email at store@luxapatio.com

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